The Room I would like…

Caffè Florian offeres the opportunity to reserve one of its magnificent Rooms with a complimentary bottle of the branded sparkling Brut DOCG to grant a sparkling toast to your special occasion! Three charming Rooms, seen in movie sests and photographic shootings, are at your disposal for a unique experience, breathing the lively history of Venice, comfortably…

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Caffè Florian through the eyes of its artists:
35 years of the art event
"TEMPORANEA – The Possible Realities of Caffè Florian"

In 2020, Caffè Florian will celebrate its three hundreds’ anniversary of uninterrupted activity. At the end of the 19th century, in the Senate Hall of the world’s oldest Caffè, the idea of the Biennale was born. To remember this important connection, for more than thirty years, many artists have reinterpreted with their works and art…

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Caffè Florian and the Venice Art Biennale

together since 1895

The Venice Art Biennale is over 100 years old and it is the most prestigious art and culture institution in the world. Its concept was born at the Senate Room in the historical Caffè Florian. The opportunity to produce a Universal Exhibition, a biennial show for all the artists that regularly visited the Lagoon City,…

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