The servers in pairs, the silver trays. Discover the secrets of the renowned Florian service

In the world’s most beautiful square – St Mark’s – Caffè Florian has been serving customers from Venice and around the globe in an elegant and truly distinguished atmosphere for almost 300 years. Aware of it’s long tradition, Caffè Florian combines impeccable service and the finest products for every occasion with an ambience that transports its guests to a bygone era. The service is always attentive, courteous and efficient, whether you choose to be inside in the salotto, outside in the Piazza or under the arches where the Orchestra can be heard playing in the background.

The unique atmosphere at Caffè Florian makes it the ideal location for that special occasion. Space may be reserved for groups to enjoy cocktails, parties and official receptions. The passionate attention to detail applied in every part of the Florian is a testament to its unique heritage.

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Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties

Make your special occasion truly unique in the unparalleled majesty of St Mark’s Square, a location sure to make any event absolutely unforgettable.

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Group, corporate or promotional events

Our professional staff are on hand to organise group, corporate or promotional events in the  serene, refined atmosphere only Caffè Florian can offer, the perfect balance between work and pleasure.

Fully aware of its place in the city’s rich history, Caffè Florian provides simply impeccable service.

Caffè Florian is a popular location for films and publicity shoots

Caffè Florian has long been a favourite location for films, “The Talented Mr. Ripley” among many others, and is highly sought after for use in advertisements and fashion shoots.

Gift vouchers

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