Florian Venice: coffee is a serious thing


There are many legends on the origine of coffee.

The most known tells about a shepherd called Kaldi, who brought to graze his goats in Ethiopia. These goats once began to eat the berries and to chew the leaves of a plant of coffee.

At night the goats, instead of sleep, began to wander with energy and vivacity. Seeing this, the shepherd identify the reason and he toasted the seeds of the plant eaten by his flock, he grinded them and, after he made an infusion, he obtained the coffee. Its exciting capabilities were used mainly in the religious context, during the night watches.

In the 15th century the beverage began to spread in the Middle East, later in Europe and the Americas. Today it is one of the main commercial goods which units the whole world.

Caffè Florian offers numerous variations on the preparation of coffee, here are some examples:


Frozen Florian


Cold coffee cream with whipped cream

Caffè del Levante

Cold coffee cream and Sicilian blood orange liqueur

Caffè alla Venexiana


Coffee, Florian coffeen liqueur and whipped cream

Caffè del Doge

 caffè del doge

Coffee, Florian Gianduja spread, milk and hazelnut cream

Caffè dell’Imperatore

Coffee, zabaione liqueur and cream

Caffè Anniversario Florian 290 anni


Espresso, Aurum liqueur, Anisette Varnelli, chocolate and cream