The tiramisù

Sweet, magnificent, savoury and... aphrodisiac

The rich taste of coffee, the delicacy of mascarpone and the fragrance of biscuits meet in one of the most famous desserts in all over the world: the tiramisù.

Its fame has no boundaries, tiramisù is very famous and appreciated in the whole world.

the favourite dessert of the courtesans, since they attributed to it excitant and aphrodisiac virtues

There are many legends about this cake as good as mysterious, which were attributed aphrodisiac virtues. The version that most reflects the reality of the story of tiramisù dates back at the end of the 17th century. It was born in Siena, when the Granduca of Toscana, Cosimo III de’ Medici decided to move there for a few days. The local pastry chefs wanted to realise a cake in honour of the Gran Duke, which contains the characteristics of the noble, composed of simple but tasty ingredients. As he loved the sweetness, the cake had to be gorgeous and delicious. The pastry chef realized the “soup of the Duke“.


The noble greatly appreciated the skill of the pastry and the delicious taste of sweet, that he decided to bring the recipe in Florence. That was how the sweet became famous, crossing the confines of the Grand Duchy to arrive in Venice. Legend narrate that became the favorite cake by the courtiers, because it attributed exciting and aphrodisiac properties, so was spread the habit of consuming large portions before each love encounter, and this is the reason because the name from “soup of the Duke” changed and taken to decidedly suggestive to “tiramisù”.

And here is the tiramisù proposed by Caffè Florian: