Florian: author’s aperitif

A rite that is renewed generation after generation

At Venice the apertif is a ritual which fills the bars and taverns of the city, an unmissable appointment. The Venetian cocktail best known in the world is the Bellini, but the most widespread and drunk in the city is the Spritz.

Il Bellini

The Bellini is a historic italian cocktail created by the Harry’s Bar of Venice in 1948 by the barman Giuseppe Cipriani.

aperitivi_belliniIts pink colour, reminded to Cipriani the toga’s colour of a saint in a painting of Giovanni Bellini, so he named the cocktail Bellini. A cocktail based on typical Venetian ingredients.

The Negroni

It was invented in Florence in 1919-20 by the count Camillo Negroni. In the 20s the count hanged out in the aristocratic Caffè Casoni in Florence and, tired of the usual Americano aperitiv, asked to the barman a sprinkle of Gin instead of seltz in his Americano in honour of his last trips to London.

That which was for the count “the usual”, became for the other people an “Americano at the count’s way” or rather an American with gin. It took the name of the count who loved it. Today the “Negroni” is considered one of the most famous italian aperitifs.

Here are the other cocktails, variants of the Bellini, which Caffè Florian offers, according to the season: Puccini, Mandarino, Tiepolo, Strawberry, Tinoretto, Melograno.