Caffè Florian has always had a direct relationship with the art of photography .

Some works of one of the greatest Italian photographers, Gianni Berengo Gardin, belong to the Florian Art Collection. Mark Edward Smith, Massimo di Capua and Marc De Tollenaere, only to name a few, are among the photographers who chose Caffè Florian to exhibit their works.

The internationally well-known photographers Harry De Zitter and Douglas Kirkland held workshops inside the Florian Rooms.


Mark E. Smith “Caffè Florian” – 1995

The English photographer, Venetian by adoption, realized a photographic book dedicated to Florian and accompanied by an exhibition showing his best pics of the Café


Gianni Berengo Gardin “Veneziani” – 2002

On that occasion, the master of Italian photography immortalized with his Leika a group of famous Venetians while seated at the Florian. His photos became firstly an exhibition, and then a photographic volume.


Massimo Di Capua “Carnevalesco veneziano” – 2012

The Venice carnival was the main theme of Massimo Di Capua’s exhibition at the Florian. His large framed photos, with skillful pictorial retouches made by hand, revealed his mastery in photography and for the details. The exhibition was accompanied by a beautiful photographic catalogue.

Gianni Berengo Gardin “Caffè Florian” – 2013

The master of the black and white set his camera to shoot a week of life at Caffè Florian with its customers, waiters, music, daily life of a place of living history and also a place of everyday life. A photographic record that Gianni Berengo Gardin, with his art, has turned into a poetic page of Venetian life. The exhibition was accompanied by an unmissable photobook.

Marc De Tollenaere “Slow Vision Box” 2014

Original pictures of the carnival within an artistic structure with photos by Marc De Tollenaere, Venetian masks by Kartaruga and the installation project by Luigi Modolo.