The Florian has always had a special relationship with Murano glass.

Over the years, the most important glass masters exhibited their pieces of art expressly created for the Caffè Florian, emphasizing the historical and artistic link between the Café and the art of glasswork.


Cristiano Bianchin “Vetro” 1994

The Venetian glass master exhibited his sculpture vases, a masterpiece and the artistic results of his research aimed to reinterpret and innovate the tradition of the artistic Murano glass.


Mario Dei Rossi “Una murrina per San Marco” 1995

One of the few world experts to master the ancient technique of the murrina. On the occasion of his exhibition, he realized an incredible and refined murrina perfectly reproducing the lion “in moeca”, emblem of the Caffè Florian.


Toots Zinsky “Vetri” 1996

Toots Zynsky is internationally known for her distinctive “filet de verre” technique that fuses threads of glass to achieve unmatched explorations of color creating incredibly beautiful glass masterpieces.


Yoichi Ohira “Collezione pastello” 1996

Yoichi Ohira is a Japanese artist that received great critical acclaim for his design work in Italian glass sculptures. He found his second home on the Murano island and realized a series of poetic vases inspired by the colours of the Florian.


Oskar KIogoj “ A Giacomo Casanova” 1997

The Slovenian artist and designer, educated at the school of the famous art critic Bepi Mazzariol, created a colourful series of Murano glasses dedicated to the Italian latin lover Casanova.


Richard Marquis – Installazione 1998

One of the greatest contemporary glass masters. Very young, he arrived from the United States and started learning the ancient glass techniques, bringing them back to Lake Michigan, where he now teaches to young artists. For the Florian, he created a huge poetic installation settled at the end of the Room of Seasons.


Yoichi Ohira “Vetri veneziani” 1999

For his second exhibition at the Florian, the Japanese artist chose to analyze his artistic relationship with Florian creating a series of glass sculpture vases with wonderful incredible colours.


Antonio Dei Rossi “Vesti di vetro” e “Fished in Venice” 2001

This young designer uses glass to create original objects and clothes, with a unique and inimitable technique. For the florian he espressly realized a special fish-shaped glass, recalling the shape of the city of Venice.


Maria Grazia Rosin “Gelatina Lux” 2003

The artist installed at Florian a series of chandeliers realized with an inimitable technique. Jellyfish and octopus shaped glasses, illuminated by fiber optics, seemed to hover magically within the historic Caffè.


Primo Formenti “Connection” 2004

An entire wall of extra-size glass coffee beans seemed to spill out from the back wall of the Room of Seasons to remind the subtle but strong link that binds the history of the Florian to that of glass.


Massimo Nordio “Antologia” 2004

On his exhibition, the Venetian artist installed a series of multi-colored glass totems in the Chinese Room. This was the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between the Florian and the glass master, who realized expressly for the Caffè some wonderful design pieces, including an original lion lamp as a tribute to the historic coffeehouse.

Michele Burato “Vento” 2006

Have you ever heard the sound of a glass gong? That is what this Venetian artist realized for the Florian, together with a multicoloured coffee mug of gigantic dimensions.


Judi Harvest “Venetian satellite” 2006

The American artist installed a glass satellite on the Florian Hall that, while circling on itself, sent messages of peace. Ouside, in St. Mark’s Square, her little coloured glass Martians were seated at the Florian tables, turning curiously and waiting for the moment to resume their journey around the  Earth.

Silvano Rubino “Cutting and Lightness” 2007

Silvano Rubino, a glass master, installed inside the Florian an entire wall of vases, recalling Mondrian thanks to their shapes and colours. Inside the Senate Room, a tall glass column seemed a tribute to the Procuratie’s columns in St. Mark’s Square.

Zentilin-Zennaro “Intrecci al Florian” 2009

These Murano artists’ couple reinterpreted the back wall of the Room of Seasons transforming it into a glass side scene. The installation was completed by some glass columns realized with a unique glass technique.


Mauro Bonaventura “Lunettes” 2009

Mauro Bonaventura is one of the most experienced glass artists. For hs installation at the Florian, he hand made hundreds of strange eyeglasses, each of them a part of a bigger extra size pop pair of glasses, a tribute to the ancient Venetian tradition of eyewear.


Ercole Moretti e F.lli “Un secolo di perle veneziane” 2009

The splendid exhibition of Venetian beads was a historical journey of the century-old manufacturing of glass beads still active in Murano.


Antonio Dei Rossi 1861-2011 “Murrine  italiane”

A tribute to the centenarian anniversary of the Unification of Italy through the beautiful murrine of Antonio Dei Rossi, continuing his family glass tradition.


Stefano Curto 2012

The artist set thousands of Swarovski stones making a large kabuki mask and a flying carpet out from the tales of the “Arabian Nights.”