“Le Spose del Mare”

From May 26th till September 12th a special art exhibition by Roberto Kusterle

From May 26th till September 18th the Caffè Florian hosts the art exhibition “Le spose del mare” by the artist Roberto Kusterle. After Bruno Ceccobelli, Mimmo Rotella, Fabrizio Plessi, Gaetano Pesce, Luca Buvoli, Arcangelo, Irene Andessner, Fausto Gilberti, Botto&Bruno, Marco Tirelli, Pietro Ruffo, Aron Demetz, Omar Galliani, Matteo Pugliese, Qiu Zhijie, this year’s creator is the renown photographer Roberto Kusterle.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Biennale exhibition of Contemporary Art and the Florian, which started aboout thirty years ago, the show’s origins are celebrated: in fact, inside the historical Caffè in St.Mark’s Square, Riccardo Selvatico and other Venetian intellectuals decided to organize the First Exhibition of Venice in 1893.


Roberto Kusterle changes the Chinese Room inside the Caffè in an original way: the artist uses the photography as a powerful instrument that keeps alive the tension between fiction and reality. He leads us to a dreamlike world in order to discover the myth of Venice and its roots, which are linked to the sea. This is why the main characters of the artwork, the shell-brides born from the artist’s talent, are the symbol of the tight relationship between Venice “la Serenissima” and the sea.

Remembering Ugo Foscolo’s verses:  like Venus was born out of the Greek sea of Zakynthos, so Venice seems to rise from these brides, joined in the desire to tell us of a glorious past, opulent, powerful and unique.