Silvano Rubino returns at the Caffè Florian

On the occasion of the first edition of The Venice Glass Week 2017, an event dedicated to the glass art that involves the lagoon city with art exhibitions, meetings, projections and various activities, the Caffè Florian presents the exhibition “Identità Sospese” by Silvano Rubino.

identità sospese dettaglio 2 diametro neon cm. 30

This sculptural installation, on show from September 10th to October 10th, presents the mystery that often envelopes the Rooms at the Florian. Rooms visited over the centuries by many famous personalities, yet also by innumerable unknowns who have sat on those red sofas. Rubino’s work prompts us to meditate on the fact that, in the words of the great director Billy Wilder, “The mystery of life lies in the search for beauty”.