Women's Day

On 1776, the Council of Ten took one of the most unpopular decisions in Venetian history : women were prohibited from entering cafés, either by day or by night, once the carnival had ended. Valentino Francesconi, grandson of the founder Florian Francesconi, stubbornly fought against this decision, explaining to the Inquisitors that there was a small room at the Florian which could be accessed only by women.

The Inquisitors relented and granted permission for ladies to be received at the Florian. This appears to be proof of the café’s good reputation because Caffè Florian was one of the best-frequented cafés in Venice.

To celebrate women Caffè Florian suggests


Tangerine juice, St. Germain elderberry liqueur and “Fior d’arancio” moscato sparkling wine by Maeli