Contemporary Murrinas

Venice is a city of magic and its magic shows in the centuries-old tradition of glass art, which never fails to amaze us. The work of glassmaker Antonio Dei Rossi, who learned the craft from his father Mario, calls Florian home from September 9th to October 9th, 2018.

Custodian of this quasi-alchemic craft, Dei Rossi, together with his father, was able to preserve and innovate in techniques and themes this tradition, 100% made in Murano. A constant experimentation and a detailed research on techniques and materials, yielding incredible results.
His latest “murrine” (titmice perching on a branch, for example) show a three-dimension effect that was unheard of in this very particular art. In his view, the murrina is more than the object itself, but it is a means of conceptual and artistic development.

Caffè Florian successfully hosted Dei Rossi’s art pieces in the past. This new exhibition will show the artist’s creations from 2011 (year of his last exhibition at the Florian) including a collection of vases with murrine and gold and silver frames.
A video explaining the artist’s technique will be on show during the exhibition.


Venetian, born in 1964, Antonio Dei Rossi lives in Treviso and maintains his workshop in the island of Burano. He studied at the Art School and at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice.
Since the mid-1980s, Dei Rossi has been working as an artist and participated to exhibitions in Italy and abroad, all the while exploring different techniques and languages of art.
The son of a glassmaker, glass has always been an essential part of his work. Father and son worked together since 1999, when the younger Dei Rossi began making his first murrinas.
Since 2003, his art experienced growing popularity in the USA – most of his exhibitions taking place in New York or Chicago. In 2007, Dei Rossi held his first exhibition in Japan, in Nagoya and Tokyo. In Italy, Dei Rossi is known especially in Turin and Florence, though it is his native Venice that he most often comes back to, where the artist has been working extensively with Caffè Florian and the Murano Glass Museum.