From Febraury 16th to March 5th 2019 an explosion of colour and magic

Florian’s is the essence of the Carnival. The authentic, ideal backdrop for the crazy days of masks, parties, and fiction. Caffè Florian will revert, for a time, to its original name Venezia Trionfante, or Venice in Triumph, and its amazing story will be told in a thousand different languages, the languages of wonder and marvel. To live the Mardi Gras experience in the monumental halls at Florian, side by side with 300 years of history, is an indelible memory we can all treasure. Fete with us – everyone is a protagonist at our party and every corner of our Caffè mirrors the images of cheer and extravaganza. A place of delight and a few extra days of licentiousness never hurt anybody, so take your time to enjoy every moment of happiness.

“Tomorrow, none can tell” – We shall meet at Florian’s!

Our Chef reccomends…

For Carnival Days, our Chef suggests a special platter of beignets (‘frittelle’) and angel wings (‘galani’) – which are typical of the season since time immemorial. The origin of galani can be traced back to ancient Roman times, who made similar fried pastry, sweetened with molasses or honey. One of the oldest recipes for frittelle we have lists flour, goat milk, rose water, saffron, and raisins for the dough, which is then fried in lard. Today, the dough is prepared in similar fashion, though we use oil instead of lard and the taste is much more gentle. There is no Carnival without frittelle and galani!

Piatto carnevale 4